Hi, I’m Malky,

I have a mission to help and support you achieve your best health, inside and out

This is because I am all too familiar with the frustration and  loneliness of feeling hopeless and helpless when facing unexplained health challenges.


In 2016 I began feeling exhausted all the time, constantly suffering from joint pains and headaches.

The problem was, no one seemed to be able to help me.

From doctors to specialists and from traditional methods to alternative methods noone seemed to know what the cause of my symptoms were.

I was told my symptoms are all in my head.

It was incredibly isolating and disheartening.

I felt like my world was falling apart

 Finally I was diagnosed with Lyme disease but after a few months of antibiotics and still no change,

I was fed up!

This was not a way to live life.

I had a husband

I had kids

I wanted to enjoy and experience every moment of my life  with family and friends

There had to be a way to get my life back!

I was determined to find a way to solve this mystery and overcome my health challenges and I was successful

image of my kids on jumping castle

I can now take my kids to the park

image of me near a camel on a trip

Enjoy travelling the world

Create memories for family

and create meaningful moments with the people most dear to me

I learnt that the body functions on four core systems.

If one or more systems are compromised, the negative effects spill over to all other systems, creating a chain of events that can greatly impact ones overall health.

I discovered Zyto and used the scan to help me find the root cause to my ill health.

I boosted the weak areas and now I feel ALIVE!

I had been dealing with persistent sinus issues that were a constant disappointment. But after my Zyto session, everything changed. The scan helped uncover the underlying factors contributing to my sinus problems. With the personalized recommendations, I implemented targeted changes to address those issues. Over time, my sinus problems improved significantly, and I finally found relief. Zyto played a vital role in helping me overcome my sinus issues and regain my comfort and well-being.

I want you to experience life again the way it is supposed to be

You don’t need to waste any more precious time feeling sick

You don’t need to spend any more money on trying to guess what will help you feel better

You don’t need to continue the roller coaster ride of feeling hopeful wth yet another new program, supplement… just to be left with your hopes dashed.